E-Visa India: The most effortless Indian visa application platform

 It is a well-known fact is that India is the land of man cultures and now, India is also a major growing economy which directly affects the world. So, people from all over the world come to India all the time for seeing its natural and cultural diversity, or to make new connections with businesses here. Recently, India has also emerged as a centre for cheap and high quality education and medical facility. Hence all those foreign nationals who wish to enrol here or get their treatment done are also visiting in high numbers. For them to enter the country, their valid passport and visa is mandatory, for which they need to Apply Visa to India. For those who wish to visit India for a shorter while, the Indian government has introduced e-visa facility, as all other developed countries. This facility allows you to apply for visa to visit the country without the hassle of visiting and as all the formalities is completed online.

E-Visa India brings this facility to all those who wish to apply for Indian e visa from the comfort of their homes. By the orders of the government of India, this facility is exclusively available for those who wish to visit the country for a short period of time. The e-visa so obtained is valid for 60 consecutive days from the date it is granted, and you can enter the country twice. The two types of Visa that are offered to the foreign nationals are:
• Normal Processing e-visa: In this, the visa processing time is 4 to 7 business days, and it can be applied as early as 180 days prior to travel.
• Urgent Processing e-visa: This type of e-visa takes only a few hours of processing time, going max. 3 business days. It can be applied as late as 4 days from the travel.

E-Visa India offers both the types of visa to the foreign nationals of 150 countries (those who are eligible to avail Indian e-visa). E-Visa India website offers the list of the countries that are eligible for availing the facility of Indian e-visa. And if you are a national of one of these countries, then you can just fill Indian visa application online at website and in three easy steps:
• Fill your Visa Application
• Amend or edit the information that you wish to
• Pay online via secure payment gateway

The fees for Indian E-Visa along with the convenience fees has also been fixed by E-Visa India, making this process smoother and transparent for all visa applicants, no matter where they are from.
By making this whole process simpler and steadfast, E-Visa India has brought a new perspective towards foreign travel, and has made it easier for the purpose of tourism, business meeting or medical emergencies. E-Visa India has made its honest and reliable repute by offering transparent Indian visa fee and secure payment system, which has earned it the name of the most efficient and trusted platform to apply for Indian E-Visa.


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